Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Biggest News in the History of the RRCC

They said "you're not a real canoe club until you have your own trailer..."

They said "you'll never be able to afford a canoe trailer..."

They said "you'll never be able to make up your mind about the best canoe trailer..."

They said "you'll get a canoe trailer the day Mike starts wearing neckties and showing up in society magazines..."

Whoo-hoo! Here it is. A top-of-the-line, commercial-grade, 10-place "Long Ranger" model canoe trailer with 80 cubic foot gear box, 3,000 pound G.V.W.R. and full-sized radial road tires specially manufactured by MO Trailers in Goshen, Indiana, for the Rebel Rivers Canoe Club.

It is really ours. It is really beautiful. These are the Specs.

There are other things that are almost as perfect as our new trailer:

Some of those things are almost as expensive as our new trailer. We are inviting purely voluntary contributions because the trailer will be funded solely by our old balance, member dontations, bake sales and busking by the Gravel Bar Band on Lower Broad. If you want to see your name listed here and be a part of this exciting time for the RRCC, Josh has set up a separate fund he's calling JEDI II and you should send your donation to him now. We will pin the names of contributors to the top of this page and update it each time a gift is received.

Donors will be recognized at the following levels of giving:

"Big Daddy Skillet": $1,000 +

- Stuart Frankel

"Chuck Box": $500

- Rob Harrington

- Skip Hindman

- Josh May

- Tim Niarhos

"Crosscut Saw": $250

- Your Name Here

"Washtub Bass": $100

- Your Name Here

We took possession and title to the trailer last weekend at a neutral site in Owenboro, Kentucky with much fanfare and celebration:

Jack and Rob tell the crowd all about it.

Kirly wrote a new song for it.

And a new cocktail was invented in honor of the occasion.

"The Kanoe Trailer"
2 parts Kentucky Tavern bourbon (or just "K.T." in Owensboro)
1 part lemon-lime soda (use leftover from the cobbler)
Pour over ice, mix with finger and serve.