Thursday, February 08, 2018

Spring Trip 2018

...will be the second weekend of April.

This morning I was in a bakery getting some gluten and coffee and I ran into Jim Myers.  I told him I had just decided on the weekend for the trip last night.  While we were standing in line we noticed they had Rebel Rivers sized bread cooling on the racks, over a yard long each, and according to the baker available for "special orders."


I said to Jim:  "Those look like 3-night loaves, Jim."

And Jim, who is an expert in food, said:  "Those are 3-night loaves, alright."

So that was decided, too.  Three night trip, April 12 - 15.  I'll make sure there are access options for anyone who needs to do less, but there's something about three nights out that makes it feel like you're really doing something.  So all you jessies cancel your meetings and start laying out your gear it's going to be a good one.