Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Aluminum Bass Update

Got a lead on one. Actually, we never said we were going to use it for anything but music. But can we honestly say it won't ever happen?

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This bass has sentimental value to the owner, and we couldn't allow it to
be used for anything except music. Did I understand that it was for a Canoe club? Sounds like you might have wanted to use it as a floatation device. It would probably work great, but this one is in too great a shape for anything but playing. if I'm wrong let me know. Thanks

Trailer Update

We struck out at Stroud's and it's looking grim for having a trailer built in time for the fall float trip. Maybe we shouldn't limit ourselves to utility trailers. There are lots of other trailer platforms we can start building off of.

The Truck Bed Trailer:

The Portable Oven:

The Do-It-Yourself Sleeper Cab Trailer:

The Sell Out:

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Red River Maps

Here is a map of the proposed trip on the Red River November 19 and 20 (the section of the river is proposed, not the trip). You can click on the image to enlarge it.

The river flows east to west, so the put-in would be on the right edge of this map at the Keysburg Road bridge. It is about 16 river miles to the take-out at Hwy 41 and the L&N railroad bridge on the left side. We will start in Tennessee, paddle briefly into Kentucky, and then back into Tennessee for the rest of the trip.

The Bell Witch Cave is on the south bank of the river, downstream from Sturgeon Creek but before the next bridge.

Here is a regional map of the area.