Thursday, July 15, 2010

Exile on the Buffalo

We interrupt this summer to bring you two important offseason announcements.

First, in the biggest RRCC development since the kitchen fire, Brown's is building an outdoor patio.

Right next to the Citgo dumpster and already popular with the homeless population.

What this means to the RRCC is that after 3 smoke-free years, ready-rolls are back at Brown's, just like the first 85 years. Since we were there for the last day of smoking indoors (Link, Link, Link), we should be on the patio for the first day of smoking outdoors. Watch for a Grand Opening date soon.

Secondly, in the very same year the Stones released the Exile on Main Street outtakes, some secretly recorded and previously unreleased "Jack and The Root Balls" bootlegs have surfaced from a late night session on the Buffalo River. Very late night.

Follow the links, then click play:

"I Know You Think I'm the One Who Cut the Wood"

"Go High"

"Sometimes She Forgets"

"I'm Glad I'm a Man"

"That's Good Stuff There, Buddy"