Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Meeting is Tomorrow

Don't forget the Post-Trip Meeting is tomorrow (Thursday, May 6) at 7:00 pm upstairs at Savarino's.

In addition to the usual activities or lack thereof we will be conducting a Trucker's Hitch clinic to address what some of you politely described as a "bottleneck" at the take-out. The general rule has always been: whoever's pulling the trailer ties down the canoes. But we will now train an elite force of knot tie-ers who are willing to take the time and effort necessary to master the Trucker's Hitch ("Lorry Hitch" if you're Ian) and can help tie down the boats. If you want to get certified, start by reviewing the instructions previously posted here: CLICK.

Meanwhile, our asset management group reports that the RRCC investment in the Kentucky Derby was painfully close but ultimately resulted in a net gain of approximately zero dollars, plus or minus zero.

Pete successfully picked Super Saver, who won it all, but missed the second half of the exacta with Lookin' At Lucky when Pride passed him on the backstretch with Heartache a-goin' to the inside.

Our Handicapped Handicapper

So instead of dinner at the Four Seasons in Manhattan next trip we'll just be paddling to Joe's Crab Shack downtown.