Wednesday, May 09, 2012


The trip isn't over until Rob leaves his gravel bar kitchen.

We're posting some of the pictures below, but Pete tells the story of the trip better.  Read about it on his blog by clicking on  Day 11, Day 12 and Day 13

First some post-trip housekeeping: 

Distances:    Assuming we covered 3 miles after putting in Saturday and had about the same left to go on Monday, that means we traveled 12 - 13 miles on Sunday.   We came to the Current River to paddle it, so that was fine, and we had plenty of daylight.  But we will generally keep the trips shorter, rarely more than 10 miles a day.  That way we'll have more time to get serious about our leisure.

Wildlife:   Baltimore Oriole, Green Heron, Blue Heron, Bald Eagle (x2), Kingfisher, White-Eyed Vireo, Black and White Warbler, RiverOtter, Human Centipede.

Jon Boat:  It is still going to be an important part of the Club but we are only going to bring it on trips where the water is clearly deep enough. It's just too much of a nuisance to go through a lot of shallow riffles.  But don't forget all of the ways that it's still useful:  
  • Rendezvousing our late arrivals with the rest of the party
  • Advance commisary boat
  • River scouting during the off-season
  • Hauling Mule-sized loads like the kitchen grub cooler
  • Firewood patrol. 
Try towing this behind your canoe:

Gear inventory:   We need a chain for the tripod and a replacement for the 2nd coffee pot with the busted perk.  We need to sharpen the axe.  We need to get rid of all those crappy Crazy Creek canoe seat backs that lay around everywhere but no one uses because they don't support your back.  Either do without or get one that actually works like the caneback ones.   The "Sit-Backer" is really good, too, and it works like a stadium seat on top of a cooler.  Available at Old Town, L.L. Bean and lots of other places.  The Big Daddy skillet got washed after the trip which is a violation of both rule and tradition.  We needed to cook for a large church youth group and it was the only thing up to the task.  But we did put it right back in the trailer with the ground beef and taco seasoning residue on it so it should still have that certain je ne sais quoi when we're ready for it next fall.  Also: add "jon boat repair kit" to the packing list. 

Policy:   The personal cup system is a success.  To improve on it, everyone should be allowed to bring a second cup, or really as many as they want as long as they are your own and they are non-disposable.   It was a big breakthrough not to have styrofoam cups and Solo cups all over the gravel bar and filling up our trash bags.   Our next target is the individual plastic water bottle.   We'll talk about how to implement this, but be prepared to bring a gallon jug or a non-disposable thermos/canteen/bota for personal drinking water and keep it under your seat.  Ice is for beer.   We long to be completely garbage free, and with these austerity measures and more liberal use of the fire as an incinerator we may just do it. 

$$$:   Dues are $150.  Make them payable to Josh.  If you have expenses turn those in too.

Next trip:   In the fall of 2012, within just a few weeks of each other, Rob and Jim will turn 40 and 50 respectively.   Something will be cooking.

Current River, Spring 2012