Thursday, February 08, 2018

Spring Trip 2018

...will be the second weekend of April.

This morning I was in a bakery getting some gluten and coffee and I ran into Jim Myers.  I told him I had just decided on the weekend for the trip last night.  While we were standing in line we noticed they had Rebel Rivers sized bread cooling on the racks, over a yard long each, and according to the baker available for "special orders."


I said to Jim:  "Those look like 3-night loaves, Jim."

And Jim, who is an expert in food, said:  "Those are 3-night loaves, alright."

So that was decided, too.  Three night trip, April 12 - 15.  I'll make sure there are access options for anyone who needs to do less, but there's something about three nights out that makes it feel like you're really doing something.  So all you jessies cancel your meetings and start laying out your gear it's going to be a good one.  

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Last Call


REMINDER:   We are meeting at the put-in at 10:00 am Friday.   Those riding with me and the trailer, meet at my house at 7:30 am.  Direction to put-in are at the bottom of this post.  



Looks like Tim can't make the Friday morning departure which means he'll either be coming down the river solo Friday afternoon or coming down the CR 1788 Saturday morning.  Myers is still a maybe.  So things are in flux but here you go:

Trailer  (9)

Skip  (Old Town)
Rob  (Dagger)
Cronin  (Own boat)
Kirk (Grumman)
Josh  (Own boat)
Bob (Yellow Folbot)
Phil  (Own boat - YES!)
Dave C.  (Own boat)
Vernon  (Bell or Tim's Wenonah)

Rob's Suburban  (1)

Pete F.  (Own boat)

Mullowney's Truck  (2)

Mullowney  (Own boat)
Mullowney's Friend (Delta Dawn)


Tim  (Wenonah if come Friday, ride tandem with someone if come Saturday)
Myers (TBD)


Pete F'in Feldman has the following modifications/amendments to the menu:

Friday dinner

Tuna crudo and Celestial stir fry

Saturday lunch

Portuguese shrimp rolls

Please make note of it.


This trip will be mostly unscouted as far as campsites go.   With the exception of the first three miles, it's all new river to me.  So we will choose our Friday and Saturday night spots based on mileage, available daylight and aerial photos.

As previously mentioned, we'll probably divide the 16 total miles up into something like 5-8-3 assuming a noon or shortly thereafter launch Friday.  The Boy Scout Canoe Base is 3 miles from our put-in so we'll want to clear that Friday.   The County Road 1788 Bridge is our max distance Friday because we need to be upstream of that for potential Saturday morning arrivals at that bridge, but it is 7 miles down and we prefer not to go that far anyway.   That means the possible range is between River Mile 56 (3 miles) and River Mile 52 (7 miles).   

It looks like there are lots of really good options in that stretch.  Turn off your porn blocker if you want to click on any of these gravel bar photos.  

RM 55

RM 54.5

RM 54

RM 53 (Upstream)

RM 53 (Downstream)

It's amazing how much better the aerial photos are than when we first started doing these trips.  Now you can even scout for Nine Man Logs by satellite:

PUT-IN LOCATION  (10:00 am Friday)

The exact location of the put-in will be a gravel bar on the north (downstream) side of the Highway 13 bridge between Linden, TN and Flatwoods, TN. 

If you are coming from the north (I-40) it will be the first bridge that crosses the river on Hwy. 13 after you pass Linden (so about 10 miles south of Linden).

If you are coming from the south or east it is just a mile or less up Hwy. 13 from Flatwoods.

It looks like the closest physical address is "10179 Tennessee 13" if you want to try that in GPS.  Also nearby is the Grimes Canoe Base (on the north/Linden side) and Flatwoods Canoe Base (to the south).

There is a surprisingly nice and apparently new exit ramp off of Hwy 13 on the south/east side of the bridge that quickly turns into a gravel road.   The pull down to the gravel bar will be on that road, on your left, about 1/2 mile from that exit ramp.

It's a 2 hour drive from Brown's Diner.  See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Norske Nuke

So we thought it would be a good idea to light up Paul Bunyan's Stogie before the trip, and thought it would be an especially good idea to do it on the driveway. 

Here are the results from the test kitchen:

The morning after...

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Menu Announced

The words and opinions expressed below are those of the Pot Wrassler alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of   But then again they might.

Friday Lunch

BYO supplemented with Mullowney’s Bread/Irish Cheese/Avocado/Salami/Kumquat Picnic

Friday Suppe

- Fresh Snapper Crudo
- Fresh Gulf Shrimp Stir Fry Celestial featuring Pete & His Big Wang 

Saturday Breakfast

- Coffee & Ready-rolls
- Bacon
- Lowry’s Rebelette Banana Bread

Saturday Lunch

- Estonian Steak Po Boys featuring Pete & His Big Swedish Torch and Tim & His Big Swollen Vulva

Saturday Supper

- Spit-Fired Proud Chickens & Ducks de la Poitrine de Mary
- Potatoes Anna
- Turnip Greens
- Iron Skillet Cornbread

Sun Breakfast:

- Coffee
- Conecuh Sausage
- Leftover Cornbread with Preserves