Thursday, July 02, 2009

Chapter 7 - Under the Bascule Trunnions

In spite of all our planning, one of the most memorable things about the trip was stumbling onto a rare "bridge run." In the spring, the Chicago Department of Transportation stops downtown traffic and synchronizes the opening of all the lift bridges that cross the Chicago River in order to let sailboats move from the inland dry docks to the marinas on Lake Michigan for the summer.

We were in the middle of it. Click on "FULL" to get full screen and then advance the slides.

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Here is "The Bridge Going Up and Down Song" from The Friends of the Chicago River (full screen is top right). When you're practicing at home, try to really project "BASCULE TRUNNION!" when you get to the "O Susannah!" part. Because you know it's going to sound good on the gravel bar this fall.