Monday, February 21, 2011


Friday night will be indoors on this trip. Rob's got squatter's rights on a country home about three hollers away from the put-in. He will tell you more as soon as he plugs in his computer, but you can just make your way to the house any time Friday afternoon instead of caravaning down.

On second thought, we might want to consider driving down together because one of the great attractions of Big Swan Creek is the stretch of Highway 50 between Columbia and Centerville, which is a horn-o'-plenty of dive bars and Ser Sta Gros. "Pee Wee's Place," for example, makes Springwater look like the Four Seasons and is a Place we ought to spend some time.

And the folks at the Williamsport Ser Sta Gro have something they want to say:

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spring Trip Announcement For Real

People get ready. The RRCC is heading back out on short rest.

The 2011 Spring trip will be March 25 - 27 on a a Best Kept Secret category stream. Hint: it flows due north and enters the Duck River just upstream from where another RRCC favorite, the Piney River, enters the Duck from the other side. Between Lewis and Hickman counties. In the middle of Gravel Bar City.

Hint #2: It may be small, but it's not Little.




Monday, February 14, 2011

Looks like we are going to have to postpone the Thursday meeting, too. We've had more false starts than the Titans offensive line this year. But the Spring trip definitely won't be until late April or early May so we have plenty of time to get it together. We will still keep the news going as the river planning takes shape.

In the meantime, enjoy Pete Feldman's Big Fucking Bike Ride Blog as he pedals coast to coast.

I know we're supposed to be thinking about bicycles, Pete, but that is one hell of a gravel bar on Hondo Creek. (Day 32).

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Spring Awakening

We had a false start to the Spring RRCC season when we got all worked up about another Okefenokee attempt then found out it's still dried up and closed. So we are going to give up on our swampy dream for now and concentrate on planning a good ol' middle Tennessee float sometime in April or May. Here are some news items to kick things off.

First, remember that we are having an official meeting this Thursday, February 17. At Brown's. At 7:30. We'll discuss spring destinations and reminisce about the fall.

Next, we are pleased to announce the addition of a celebrity guest blogger for the spring season.

Rob will post frequently and/or whenever the mood strikes him to supplement the typical drivel you get on this site. So you can expect both the quantity and the quality, or at least the entertainment value, of the posts to increase significantly for the near future.

Housekeeping: Josh, can you send $100 to the Camp Cookie? The deferred transitive pre-payment depreciation plan worked fine except that Sands never paid Jim and now probably can't go on the spring trip so he said just take his Okefenokee money and give it to Jim. He pre-paid $150 and said to give $100 to Jim and $50 to the eleemosynary fund of our choice which I believe means a bottle of Basil Hayden for the Executive Committee.