Tuesday, November 12, 2013

All you jessies need to come get your shit.   I've taken all the community gear out of the canoe trailer and filled it with all of the personal gear that was left behind, which is considerable.   Just stop by any time this week.  There's a flashlight on the trailer if you need it.  

Pictures coming soon.  Don't forget Rob and Kirly are playing Brown's Diner on December 5.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

The Zero Percent

"With luck, though, November can be alright..."

Goodbye to a River, p. 10.


In case you didn't get the word, the morning Nashville departure tomorrow is from Harris Teeter at the Hwy 100 split at 8:30 am.   We will gradually increase our numbers as we go south and west and will have a full roster when Jack, Phil and Stuart join us tomorrow evening, until Josh then leaves us Saturday morning at Totty's Bend.   For those of you coming by the staging area tonight I've got maps.  Don't forget personal plates, cups, utensils and non-disposable water bottles.   See you tomorrow.  

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

A Day in the Life

Here is a short photo-biography of our Saturday night dinner.

9:30 am

11:00 am

3:00 pm

The Robs have been e-mailing each other about fishing, which is good on this section of the river.  But be careful what you ask for because they grow them bigger than pigs where the lower Duck gets wide and slow.


Just be glad it's not a Candiru.


Did you know? When we complete the 16.5 miles from Littlelot to Centerville on this trip we will have paddled 85.8 of the 248.7 miles of the Duck? That will put us just over the 1/3 mark to complete the whole river (34%).

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Trip Week

We will meet at my house at 8:00 am Friday.  

Normally we would have an elaborate plan for who's driving, but in this case it's basically everyone.

We need:

Skip's truck with the canoe trailer
Rob's Suburban with the jon boat
Mullowney's truck with his canoe and Delta Dawn
Josh's car to leave at Totty's Bend
Jack's car because he's picking up Stuart at the airport
Phil's car because he's coming from Atlanta and meeting Jack and Stuart at the put-in
Vernon's truck because he lives next to the put-in

The only people NOT driving are Stuart, Pete F. Feldman, Myers and Rob C.  

So a lot of you need directions (it's the same bridge as the take-out last fall):

Take I-40 West about 35-40 miles from Nashville
Take Exit 172 ("TN 46")
Turn left (south) at the top of the ramp onto Hwy 46
Go 6.5 miles and turn RIGHT on Hwy 100
Go 7.5 miles and turn LEFT on Hwy 230 ("Littlelot Road")
Go 7.5 miles to the bridge (access is a steep dirt road on the right just before you cross the bridge)

We will leave the Mule on the trailer behind Rob's truck and hide a key.  All the jon boatin' stuff will be inside the truck, including the spotlights....no moon over Littlelot that night!


Friday, November 01, 2013



·         Steak sandwiches w/ chimichurri and rapini

·         Chips


·         Coffee and Juice

·         Cinnamon Rolls (or other bakery breads)


·         Tom Kha Gai soup with shrimp

·         Assorted Thai snack foods


·         Cheese and Charcuterie Platter

·         Pit-roasted all-natural whole heritage hog with Tennessee Red and Alabama White Sauces

·         Roasted root vegetables

·         Broccoli slaw

·         Crusty Bread

·         Dessert: Poached Pears with Cahors wine sauce and crème Anglaise (or Chef’s Whim)


·         Coffee

·         Juice

·         Breakfast BLT’s with Fatback Pig Project bacon

And a message from Pork Procurement:

"An invitation for anyone who can take the time. I am driving down early Monday morning (3:30am) to pick up our pig in Trussville at the farm of one the Fatback partners. Beautiful piece of property. Said pig will be in a dog crate and taken to the plant. You'll be back in Nashville by noon."

If you're interested, let him know.