Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Notice of Meeting

How is everybody for next Wednesday night, Sept. 7?


1. Fall trip (October or November)
2. Web site
3. Canoe trailer
4. Toast to Kirly
5. Welcome back Loeppky, the Jims, Rob Cannon, new members

Please use the "comments" section below to discuss scheduling time and place.


Tuckassee said...

I may be in OH all next week. If not, I'm there.

Vergil Gunch said...

I'm in.

Kirly said...

Can't do it Tues or Wed, but Thurs is possible for me.

Tuckassee said...

kirk and rob are unable to attend Wed but can Thurs. If wed it must be, Skip you have our proxies for all voting matters.

Tuckassee said...
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Lucky said...

I can probably do Thursday. Should we meet at Stroud's? If we acquire a trailer now we could probably have a working canoe hauler by the fall float trip since it's the off-season for Kirly's garage.

Stroud's closes at 8:00 pm so we would probably need to be down there around 6:30. That would be a departure from our usual late-night meetings. What's feasible for everybody else? And who is Vergil?

Kirly said...

Stroud's or Brown's, either way, we might need a place that has a screen to watch the football game though. Sportman's is not a bad option either.

Tim said...

I am ok on Wednesday. I cannot attend Thursday. Of course, Lucky has my proxy.

Lucky said...

What football game...?

And does anybody know what Mike's e-mail means?

"Hi Guys
I will be heading to Ireland tomorrow for a week, to distill.
count me in
All the best M C"

Scooter said...

Mike's email makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

bob said...

I'm in-

Lucky said...

I don't think Thursday (tomorrow) is going to work. We'll try to plan another one in a week or two. In the meantime, I'll get another post started at the top for planning the fall float. Use the "Comments" there to discuss dates.