Thursday, January 12, 2006

Monkey Man

We finally have a scientific explanation for the mating ritual witnessed at Dan McGuinness Pub during the National Championship game.

Female baboons experience drastic swelling of the genital area during their estrous cycle which signals males it is time for mating. Moreover, estrus chimps and other primates, including baboons and the gorilla, go to great lengths to focus male attention on their buttocks, which they may flaunt and display by swaying them “enticingly” (Fedigan, 1992; Ford & Beach, 1951). If a desired male fails to respond, she may approach him by walking backward, and may sway her swollen derriere in his face, at which point she may run away only to repeat her performance if he still does not react (Ford & Beach, 1951; Nadler, 1976; Schaller, 1964). When a female goes into estrus she will solicit males by presenting and shaking her swollen bottom while looking “coyly” over her shoulder (Schaller, 1964; Wallis 1992). Or she may approach the recumbent male by walking backwards and will stare at him over her shoulder, puckering her lips “invitingly” while tipping her buttocks in the standard dorsal-ventral mating posture. If he doesn’t respond she will rub her genitals against him or will stare at or touch his penis, or may sit on his lap and tease and motivate him to copulate.

Just to clarify - this is only an analogy and we're not calling anyone a baboon. Baboons are more subtle, anyway.


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