Friday, February 10, 2006

El Vez in Music City!

We're calling a mandatory club meeting tomorrow.

Tomorrow night (Saturday) the smartest, hardest-rocking latino revolutionary Elvis impersonator anywhere is going to be in Nashville to perform and emcee at Katy K's Valentine Girlesque Revue at Mercy Lounge. How many other recording artists (excluding a certain RRCC recording artist) wear red-white-and-green jump suits with a sequined Virgin of Guadalupe on the back? And of those, how many make burn-down-the-barn rocking political commentary with a medley of The Battle Hymn of the Republic, Jesus Christ Superstar, Low Rider, Maggie May and Losing My Religion? Not many and we're going.

Click here for a sample - and a history lesson of a Mexican war hero: "The Arm of Obregon"

We will meet at 8:30 p.m. at Brown's and go from there. Last year the RRCC was going all the way to Atlanta to see him, but they cancelled the show. According to his tour information, the only announced dates are in California, Vancouver and one night in Nashville. Just pray that he's bringing the Elvettes with him . . .

Priscillita and Lisa Maria


Que Linda Thompson

This performance is only one part of a much bigger show. It appears that we will have to sit through a few burlesque strip tease shows while we wait for El Vez.

And….world's collide! Here is R.L. Burnside himself in an Elvette sandwich. Can you believe it?


Brown's at 8:30 pm. Then to Mercy Lounge.

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