Wednesday, April 19, 2006


We have been gathering essential items in anticipation of the spring trip. We didn't know they were essential until we found them and they weren't essential on the last five RRCC canoe trips but they are now.

First, the Pot Wrassler drove all the way to the Lodge Cast Iron Cookware Foundry in South Pittsburgh, Tennessee and brought home the largest production model, street legal Dutch Oven ever made. 16-inches across, 3-gallon capacity, and weighing in at an even 20 lbs. It will ride nested in the bottom of the canoe with the Big Daddy Skillet. We are calling it the Big Mother Oven.

Our second find was a 1955, traditional, white-gas-burning Coleman lantern. If we needed a lantern to sip Bald Pussies by we could have gone to REI again. Like their coffee "systems" they have the "Electric Northstar Lantern w/ Nightlight", the "Coleman Retro Full-Size Lantern w/ Remote Control", the "Coleman Lantern Keychain Fob" and the "General Electric Retro Steelbeam Krypton Lantern". But we like the hiss and glow of the real thing and we think this antique model will add an an element of danger on the gravel bar that was missing before; the kind that turns a trip into an adventure. And you will be able to spot any RRCC member across a party because he will be the one with no eyebrows. We are calling this one The Collossal Mistake.

Original travel case!

Needs some work.

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drbiggles said...

It isn't a real overnighter without starting at least one campfire with white gas, preferrably the chilly morning fire.