Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Data Dump

Okay, sorry for the technical difficulties. Tim must have forgot to pay the Con-Ed bill. We're still not out of the woods yet, in fact we're broadcasting on pirate radio right now so this will just be quick information sharing. No pictures, no El Vez, no bare asses.

First, the weather is....odd. So far it has mostly stormed without raining, if that's possible. Too soon to tell from the gauges what is happening up on the Kentucky border, but we picked out the alternate river at JJ's this morning so we will be paddling no matter what. Watch this space on Friday.

Rob is traveling and was distraught to learn that we might have un-cured the oven by leaving it out in the rain. I can't upload a picture which is bad timing because he wanted to Bill Frist the patient all the way from his business trip in Texas. Maybe I'll get one up tomorrow, Rob, but everything's cool. Rusty on the outside, smooth and slick on the inside, just like you hoped. It looks better than ever actually.

Assuming we make it onto the Red, I need to disclose to everyone that the put-in is a bastard. The float, the gravel bar, the scenery....all make it worth it. But the launch itself is a vertical mud bank. Just needed to get that out there. The strategy will be to get all the crap into the boats, not care whose crap or whose boats, and then redistribute at the first nice gravel bar.

We need an extra sleeping bag and pad for Billy. Who has one?

Rob, I'm bringing the Jerry Can (Gerry Can? What is the origin?) that we used for Kirly's radiator at the Derby. I think it holds six or eight gallons of water. I also have everything for coffee. So as long as Jim-Bob bring enough beer, I figure nothing really bad can happen. At least from a packing perspective.

I am not going to have time to go get more rope and cut and burn the lengths for tying down all the boats. So we're going to use the black rubber hook-straps that are built onto the trailer. If you are a canoe owner and you have a problem with that, bring your own rope. I am and I don't have a problem with that.

The General Counsel wants me to tell you that you technically need a fishing license if you plan to do any of that. If you really want to be technical you need two licenses for the thirty minutes we'll paddle in and out of Kentucky. The General Counsel also wants you to know there is no chance of seeing a game warden on this river. But the previously mentioned Suzanne caught a bigger fish on this river than any of you jessies ever will so you might as well not try. And she caught it right in the place I told her she wouldn't catch anything.

Does everyone understand that we're camping about two river miles upstream from the Bell Witch cave? Maybe that should have been disclosed earlier, too. On a possibly related note, check the "Sun and Moon Tables" link in the upper right.

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