Monday, June 19, 2006

Beer Accounting 101

It’s time to apply some hard numbers to the ongoing debate over how much beer to take on the canoe trips.

The Beer Auditor

Part 1: Beer for the River

Jim/Bob bought 12 cases of beer for the 12 members on the Spring 2006 trip, for a total of 288 or two grosses of beer. In case you thought only bottle rockets (see 100th Post, below) were bought by the gross.

The post-trip inventory showed 92 beers remaining. Therefore, we drank 196 beers (just over 8 cases) which equals 16 beers per member with a two beer margin of error for Foster’s oil cans, tall boys and spillage.

We will leave open for discussion at the post-trip dinner whether this data suggests a change in the number of beers we take in order to reduce the cooler-per-boat ratio. The 92 beers were declared surplus by the commissioner and disposed of by method of disposal number five (5).

Part 2: Beer for Post-Trip Banquet

We’ve also never before figured out a method that anyone can actually remember for assigning beer duties for “organizational meetings” and post-trip gatherings. From now on we’re dividing the members into verb and non-verb groups for an alternating method of supplying the beer we won't forget: if your name is a verb you will bring beer to Mike’s on Thursday. Next event the non-verb name members buy.

Bringing on June 22: Skip, Rob, Bob, Rob, Josh, Jack and Bill.

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Tuckassee said...

i must point out that we didn't get a chance to show what we could do on sunday w/the early departure and shorter float. pair our Fall 05 Sunday drinking performance w/Spring 06 and you're looking at at least 20/man.