Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Real Business

Time for an organizational meeting. Way past time.

Let's do it Thursday, April 5. 7:30 pm at Brown's.

Cooks, be prepared to discuss menus. Beer guys, refine your buying formula and we will try to give you an early head count. We will also vote to approve the following proposed trip:

Green River. Lyn Creek to Rio/Glenn Lily Road. Depart Friday, April 20, return Sunday, April 22.

This is a two-nighter but it shouldn't add any time away for the trip because we won't leave until late Friday afternoon. The idea is we will spend Friday night by the river, right at the put-in, instead of sitting on coolers in the driveway.

It also means :

- it's not essential to ride up with the main group anymore - everyone will get detailed directions and as long as you arrive sometime Friday night you're in.

- we don't have to get up at 5:00 am

- we can do the shuttle anytime Friday night or Saturday morning

- we will arrive downriver at our Saturday night campsite early. Early enough to get dinner served by at least midnight.

The main caravan will still leave together (with the trailer) and will be picking Stuart up at the airport at 4:30. It's about 2-1/2 hours to the river so we should still have a little light left when we get there.

The put-in is what we call "semi-public" in the RRCC. Although it's on private land, it is and has forever been used as a river access and weekend party spot by the locals. So while we don't have specific permission to camp there, we have at least apparent authority. If not a prescriptive public easement. That's what we'll tell the farmer with the shotgun.

The take-out is at a place appropriately called Rio. Except it's really pronounced "Rye-O" in Kentuckian. And, yes, it's really in "Moonshine Hollow."

Here's a map of the whole trip, with 300 Springs in the middle. Click on it.

We will close out the Spring season with our post-trip meeting at the Rowdy Frynds concert at the GEC on May 4. Skynyrd, Hank, Jr. and .38 Special. See you at Brown's next week.


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