Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Off Season Trade Activity

RRCC members made a special trip to the Lodge Cast Iron outlet store in Sevierville with the club credit card this summer. The Lodge Logic 12" Fish Pan was already on our wish list, but it shot straight to the top after we were told it has been discontinued and the only one left...high on a shelf, under a display light....was for "archive" purposes only.

That, of course, meant we had to have one. Like that giant catfish on the Brazos we "wanted it with that heat of desiring that has nothing to do with meat, and digs so far back, and gets so tangled with 'sport,' that it disrupts all agreeable semantic theorizing..."

(Goodbye to a River p. 246).

A treasure hunt ensued. Operating on tips and rumors we finally found one (the last, last one?) at a pottery store behind the East Town Mall in Knoxville.

So now it's all up to the fishermen.

But that's not all. Cast iron is an impulse item and we did not leave the outlet empty-handed. The camp cooks must find something to melt because we bought a 4" melting pot.

We got a canvas carrying bag for the 5-foot dutch oven tripod....

And, best of all (in a John Locke greatest-good-for-the-greatest-number sort of way) is the Lodge Seasoned Skillet Spoon Rest which is described thusly: "A 3-1/2 inch diameter version of a skillet with cigarette rests. Works well on stove as spoon rest, too."

Frankly, it's embarassing we've had a canoe club this long without a seasoned ashtray.

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