Friday, November 28, 2008

Up to his Old Tricks

Inspired (threatened?) by the big miles the RRCC put up on the Sequatchie - and the idea of Chicago as a paddling destination - John Guider has just announced an even bolder adventure.


Award winning photographer and author John Guider ( ( will soon take his custom made John Slattbo ( design sail/paddle driven kayak around America’s great loop.

Leaving his home port of Nashville, TN, John will make the over 5000 mile circumnavigation following the currents of the Cumberland, Tennessee, Ohio and Mississippi Rivers to New Orleans where he will enter the inter-coastal waterways east across Alabama and down to the Florida Keys. From there John will make his way up the Eastern Seaboard to New York and the Hudson River and head to the Great Lakes and then on to Chicago, the Illinois River and back to the Mississippi.

Depending on the weather, the journey will take from two to three extended summers. This will be the first time the loop has been made in such a small craft. The size of the boat will add a sense of adventure to the project and will allow John an intimate view of his surroundings and access to places larger craft couldn’t venture. John will photograph people and places in his own unique way creating a special American portrait for the 21st Century. Ruckus Films ( will also film major parts of John’s adventure in order to provide a documentary for intended release on Public Television.

John is presently looking for sponsors for this important project. Benefits will include acknowledgement on John’s releases and in his publications. Corporate logos will be placed on John’s boat. Sponsors will be given limited access to John’s images and his identity as it relates to this project and their public relation needs. Besides traveling past some of America’s most compelling landscapes, John will make port at many of the county’s most populated urban areas such as New Orleans, Miami, Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, and St Louis. The opportunity for dialog and exposure to this project will be immense.

Water and its uses are quickly becoming one of the world’s most talked about resources. John’s compelling images and writings will be an important addition to this important conversation. John’s present work, The River Inside, is currently on tour to major museums. Presently at the Tennessee State Museum, the show in 2009 will find a home at the Mississippi River Museum in Dubuque, before traveling on to the Ach Museum n St Louis and the Mud Island Museum in Memphis. In 2010 and beyond other museums will be announced as well.

For information on sponsorship please contact John Guider directly at

That's a pretty nice trip.
But can he blow smoke rings through his cheek?


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