Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rebel Stimulus Package

Single game tickets for the Cubs go on sale next Friday, February 20. Since they will sell out the same day, we're going to have to get some kind of head count for the Spring Trip by then. If you can't commit yet, that's fine, but you'll have to find your own ticket to the game later.

Although this trip sounds exotic, we are implementing some cost saving measures to make it affordable:

1. Instead of paying the usual per trip dues, we'll only collect based on actual costs for the fixed price items and then it will be every man for himself on food and drink.

2. We'll sit General Admission in the bleacher seats at the Cubs game.

3. General Admission means Old Style, not Heineken.

4. We're taking the trailer because that's what we bought a trailer for, not to cut costs. However, the savings will be significant. No airfare, no canoe rental, no shuttle, no cabs.

5. Instead of multiple hotel rooms, we'll just bring along the fart sacks and sleep on the floor of one room (although we may splurge and get snoring and non-snoring rooms depending on who's going).

So here is a best estimate of cost per person (based on an arbitary number of 8 members):

Gas: $18 ($150 total)
Hotel: $50 ($400 one suite/two nights)
Cubs: $25 (each)

Other costs:

- Food will be more pizza-and-beer-at-Lou-Malnati's than steak-and-merlot-at-The-Palm. In fact, dinner Saturday night may be at the ballpark. Estimate: $100 each

- "Depends" Adult Diapers (part of a proven seat saving strategy in the bleacher section at Wrigley - more details later). Estimate: $5 each

- Ready-rolls: $2 each


Total estimated cost per member including travel, Cubs game, Chicago River trip, lodging, food and drink for three days: $200


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