Sunday, August 30, 2009

For those of you waiting on results from Wilson County, we are sad to report that Kirly got eliminated on technical grounds.

There are different sets of rules for Friday night and Saturday night.

Saturday was "Franklin, Kentucky Rules," meaning anything goes. But Friday night's regulations were much more strict and Kirk was heavily penalized, especially under Rule 12(b)(7) "Academic Achievment":

GED: minus one point
High School diploma: minus two points
College degree: minus three points
Post graduate degrees: minus four points
M.D.: one free hit for each driver

He also lost points on the Too Many Teeth Rule and failed to register minimum Crystal Methamphetamine levels during random drug tests.

The doctor could not save the patient.

But next year the RRCC's not fooling with all the restrictions on late model sedans. We're switching to the School Bus and Farm Machinery Division.

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