Sunday, November 01, 2009


Some of you were asking where you could get the canoe cup holder that we installed and tried for the first time on this trip. It was this one:

It's the best canoeing accessory since the paddle. And after using it on Yellow Creek, we might do without the paddle if we had to choose. It swings both left to right and back and forth like a good set of truck balls so even a misbehaving dog can't spill your beer.

You can order them on-line, but they are cheaper at Bass Pro Shop plus there's no shipping. Although that does mean you have to go to Opry Mills which is kind of the opposite of the Brazos River. Bass Pro calls it the Handi-man Marine Drink-A-Long Drink Holder

Note: We are not mailing it in on the post-trip dinner this time. Watch this space because we're going to get together soon, hopefully within the next couple of weeks before Bob discovers all the leftover RRCC beers in the garage.

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