Thursday, November 03, 2011

D-parture Day

I guess nobody needed to be told to check the weather forecast after waking up to rain this morning. And you were probably happy with what you saw! If you next started worrying about the river level, we think the amount of rain we got didn't last long enough to cause any concerns about that. In fact it might be just enough to help us glide (or motor) over the shallow spots. So as long as you don't do anything stupid like mix alcohol and boating, or travel at night, you should be fine.

Last minute items:

We are looking for the Paul Bunyon sized perk coffee pot. Did anyone take it home last time? Is it an artificial reef at the bottom of Big Swan Creek? If you have it, let us know ASAP.

This is the one:

Just to clarify: all drinks including drinking water are B.Y.O.B. The only water officially being brought by the Club is for cooking. Coffee is cooking, though.

Ok, that's it. Skip, Kirk, Phil and David we meet at 8:15 tomorrow. Josh will see us off so he can get the keys to the whole Green Mule rig, then he and Jack will pick up Stuart at 8:00 pm at the airport. The morning guys will pick up Jim at the WH on Charlotte on the way out of town. Rob and Vernon will be hanging out at the put-in.


October is the good month, in a normal year at least.

With luck, though, November can be all right. . . .

Goodbye to a River, p. 10.

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