Sunday, February 13, 2011

Spring Awakening

We had a false start to the Spring RRCC season when we got all worked up about another Okefenokee attempt then found out it's still dried up and closed. So we are going to give up on our swampy dream for now and concentrate on planning a good ol' middle Tennessee float sometime in April or May. Here are some news items to kick things off.

First, remember that we are having an official meeting this Thursday, February 17. At Brown's. At 7:30. We'll discuss spring destinations and reminisce about the fall.

Next, we are pleased to announce the addition of a celebrity guest blogger for the spring season.

Rob will post frequently and/or whenever the mood strikes him to supplement the typical drivel you get on this site. So you can expect both the quantity and the quality, or at least the entertainment value, of the posts to increase significantly for the near future.

Housekeeping: Josh, can you send $100 to the Camp Cookie? The deferred transitive pre-payment depreciation plan worked fine except that Sands never paid Jim and now probably can't go on the spring trip so he said just take his Okefenokee money and give it to Jim. He pre-paid $150 and said to give $100 to Jim and $50 to the eleemosynary fund of our choice which I believe means a bottle of Basil Hayden for the Executive Committee.

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Inkslinger said...

Better late than never, now done on both the Cookie and the Basil.