Sunday, March 23, 2014


Daylight Savings hit the RRCC hard this year.   We set our clocks forward and overslept by two months.  So now it's almost time for the Spring trip.  We'll be leaving Friday morning, April 11 and returning Sunday the 13th. 

The cooks are way ahead of us and are already asking for a head count.   So far the following are confirmed:


We need to hear from the rest of you.  We know Pete F. Feldman has a choice to make between the French Quarter Fest and canoeing.  And Vernon has a fraternity reunion he is thinking about.   Hopefully they'll both be on the gravel bar with us and Pete can tell Vernon what the difference is between frat boys and river men.

As far as destinations, about once every third year or so we start thinking about the Red River.  So there's a good chance we're going to try for that next month (and then probably end up on the Duck).   The Red is on the Tennessee/Kentucky border between Clarkville and Springfield:

In fact, the most likely section we would do includes a stretch where we will be paddling across the state line three times in less than three miles:

So plan to keep a bottle of Kentucky bourbon on the starboard side and Tennessee whiskey to the port, because you'll have to change drinks four times in about an hour.

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