Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Dave's Sauce Box

What's better than a new member with a left-handed river banjo?  A new member with a left-handed river banjo who owns a liquor store.  Dave brought a box o' booze on the fall trip that turned our gravel bar into a speakeasy every night.

That cardboard box, though, is not up to RRCC standards for equipment and style.  Below are a few suggestions that have all been approved for purchase and reimbursement by the club because our Treasurer is in Colorado and won't care if you know what I'm saying...

Dave and I have also been doing some canoe shopping for him, which is always fun.   Here are few I was in favor of - all real listings and all within driving distance of Nashville.

The Russian Bear

The 20-Footer

"Cash, trade or beer..."

Grabbler's Special

Coke Boat 

The rare, tandem center-facing canoe

Q:  How is a six-pack of Bud Light like two Indians
laying in the bottom of a canoe?

A:  They're both fucking close to water.

"Peaceful Willow"


"If you like excitement try a sailing canoe..."

Not permitted under RRCC bylaws

But eventually Dave made a sensible choice.  A big blue 17-foot Old Town.

So now he's got a left-handed river banjo, a Sauce Box, and a canoe to haul it with.  Throw in a 3-night loaf of bread and you're done packing.

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