Friday, April 06, 2018

Plans B through Z

Things are busy here in the RRCC war room.  We've got multiple rivermen needing to get in and out at different times and if it keeps on rainin' the levee's going to break so we might have to change rivers.  Here's what it currently looks like as far as a roster, individual itineraries, and boats.


Rob (Dagger)
Skip (wood/canvas Old Town)
Vernon (Delta Dawn)
Jack, Stuart (Grumman)
Josh (own canoe)
Coviello (own canoe)
Cronin (own canoe)
Phil (own canoe)


Mullowney (own canoe)
Pete Feldman (own canoe on Rob's Suburban)
Sands (own canoe)

Myers will be coming for Thursday night only and will ride duffer because of his bad back.  Jack and Stuart are arriving separately late Thursday night and taking out Saturday morning.  Vernon may or may not be a partial also.   Tim has a legit family medical emergency and is a game time decision but is partial at most.  It is assumed that Rob Cannon will screech up to the put-in at launch time.  No one has heard from Kirly since his 50th birthday party. 

Total headcount ranges from 13 - 15.   Thursday night will be at full strength, Friday will be 12 - 14 and Saturday will be 10 - 12.   These numbers will vary depending on whether Tim, Rob Cannon and Kirly go and whatever schedule Vernon ends up with (or anyone else for that matter).

But don't worry, we figured out all the logistics over coffee this morning...

Meanwhile, Josh and Skip are doing a kitchen takeover on Thursday night just for laughs.   The menu is built entirely around Aunt Sara's East Texas Cheese Grits which, in addition to eggs, cream and butter has two key ingredients:

Artisanal corn grits stone ground by water wheel at Falls Mill on a tributary of the Elk River, just upstream of our campsite on the fall 2006 trip.

And artisanal Velveeta Pasteurized Process Cheese Spread Pasteurized Prepared Cheese Product
from Monroe, New York. 

The before dinner specialty cocktail will be a Bacon Old Fashioned, made with Ol' Major bacon infused bourbon garnished with bacon.  The garnish will be garnished with bacon.

Just so everyone knows the exact schedule Thursday night, here is the kitchen work plan and timeline Josh prepared based on fifteen years of observation (and before we got bumped from the prime Saturday spot).

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