Monday, December 12, 2005

Final Reckoning

The books are closed and the grand total cost of the trip comes to $1,204.98 (including gratuity for parties of ten or more). With thirteen members, the Cost-Per-Rebel is $92.70. Here's the list of who owes what and to whom:

Pay Hindman $92.70

Pay Hindman $92.70

Pay Hindman $12.56
Pay Niarhos $80.14

Pay Niarhos $92.70

Pay Niarhos $0.61
Pay Myers $67.09
Expense credit $25.00

Pay Myers $92.70

Pay Myers $88.50
Pay Cronin $4.20

Pay Cronin $23.10
Pay Harrington $25.90
Expense credit $43.70

The rest, HINDMAN, NIARHOS, MYERS, CRONIN and HARRINGTON, should all receive total payments equal to the amount of their expenses less $92.70.
Except HARRINGTON who is $0.12 short after rounding off to the nearest penny for the twelve other members. The club will credit Rob one free beer in the Snooker Room after the January dinner.

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Anonymous said...

I've seen Brokeback Mountain six times and I think I'm just the right kind of guy to join in the fun the next time you boys plan a canoe trip.

Bill (Buck) Massey