Monday, December 05, 2005

Greenback Dollars

We need to go ahead and have a virtual financial summit because there's no way we're going to meet before Christmas now.

If you have expenses to declare, list them using the comment link at the bottom of this post. It will all be public information after the IPO anyway. We won't require detailed itemization, so you can just list a total if you want. But you have to do it here. We will then list who owes and who is owed, so if you spent money you need to post it before we divide by thirteen.

"Get paid to surf the web!" "Work in your underwear!" The promise of the internet has finally come true.


Lucky said...

Yazoo Brewery (party pig): $34.96
Friedman's (misc. kitchen): $81.21
Frugal's (the beer side): $124.49
Vanderbilt (canoe trailer): $50.00

TOTAL: $290.66

Tuckassee said...

Washtub Bass Components: $51.06
Harris Teeter's (greens,breakfast): $67.42

TOTAL: $118.48

Am I also missing a green cooler, small green camp chair, long kitchen tongs, and spatula if they turn up.

Laripin Chester said...

Harris Teeter: $127.24
Harris Teeter: $165.00
Frugal (wines for sauces) $48.75

TOTAL: $340.99

TIM said...

Midtown Liquor - $218.69

Harris Teeter (water, juice, soda & snacks) - $47.46

Total - $266.15

greg said...

McDougal's Village Coop (Growlers): $43.70

jersey mike said...

Saturday lunch: $120.00

RJ Reynolds said...

Walgreens (coffin nails) $25