Monday, March 27, 2006

Minutes of the Meeting at Jim's House

ITEM 1. For choosing the spring trip destination, there was broad consensus that slow and lazy is better for a large group than small, fast and shallow. It was stated that the character of the river on the second day of the Fall 2005 trip is preffered to the first day.

Members want less of this.

And more of this.

Duly noted, although it is possible that the Red River will be eliminated completely if we use this new criteria. The photo above is from the best section of the Red.

Some of us are still partial to this campsite on the Red River though. So we'll see.

ITEM 2. The Kirly and Rob team will be reunited to cook on the Spring 2006 trip. Neither of them were at the meeting. Mike was unanimously selected as all-time off-season shore cook at Barton Ave. Mike wasn't at the meeting either.

ITEM 3. Big George gave us a stirring re-enactment of The Night of the Nine Man Log.

The Log.

The Nine Men.

ITEM 4. The recommendation for the official motto came out of committee and is ready to be put to a vote. See post below.

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Tuckassee said...

Kirly can't attend the spring trip. We'll have to pull Jim out of retirement.