Friday, March 31, 2006

Our Noted Storyteller Strikes Again

Did you hear Bob wrote a song about a guy who took a bunch of his friends boating...and he didn't really plan the trip all that well...and it turned out to be this big misadventure?

Miles of Music says:

Post-modern country/folk songwriter Bob Delevante is a noted storyteller whose potent, rough around the edge vocal delivery makes up in bite where it lakes in luster. His collaborations with folks like Emmylou Harris, John Prine, Alison Krauss and Steve Earle spike the quality gauge on his cred meter, and Columbus And The Colossal Mistake leaves little room for doubt. These songs of the heart have an equally strong sense of spirit as Delevante paints each one with its own vivid landscape and character, often borrowing from familiar landmarks and characters that mingle with the ordinary yet strike chords of familiarity. Along with some longtime musical companions there are many notable guests here as well, including Kenny Vaughn (guitar), Joe Pisapia (vocal), Buddy Miller (guitar), Southside Johnny (harmonica) and Emmylou Harris (vocal). The disc comes with its own set of photo cards by Delevante, each one a visual story in itself. -- Robinson, Miles Of Music (Relay Records)

If you are an RRCC member, and if you were on the Fall 2005 Duck River trip, the only way you can be sure that your bare ass is not the "visual story in itself" in one of those photos is to be at the CD RELEASE PARTY at the Family Wash next SATURDAY, APRIL 8.

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