Saturday, August 19, 2006

Count de Monet

In other election results, Josh was named Treasurer and is now responsible for identifying and investing in Ponzi schemes, off-track betting, cock fights and other opportunities for increasing the club's net worth. He was also given full power of embezlement as compensation for his Treasurer and cigarette procurement duties, even though he left the smokes in the garage last time.

It was decided that each member must pay $200 in advance of the fall trip and all expenses will be deducted from the club account instead of attempting to collect afterward, which just didn't work very well. Individual balances will be carried forward and everyone must get back to a $200 balance before the next trip. OCTOBER 7 IS THE DEADLINE for the fall trip fees. Josh is going to open an RRCC account and we need an operating balance because Rob is about to go on a cast iron shopping spree so get the $$$ in.

Josh's financial background includes approving the sale
of Manhattan island for $24 worth of beads and trinkets.

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