Tuesday, March 04, 2008


"Windfall" comes from an old logging term. Cutting down standing trees was forbidden in medieval England since they belonged to the King, but if one blew down on its own the landowner got to keep it. So windfall now means unexpected or unearned profit.

"Roy" comes from "Roi" which means King.

We just got a BIG windfall from the King...

Unexpected, but not unearned. When it came time to divide marital assets from his first marriage, Roy took a hard line and said: you can keep everything else but I get the tiki bar and this rusty old two-man crosscut saw.

Click on this glossary for more excellent lumberjack terms. We could probably run our whole club with them...

Here's the Bone Butcher putting some Axle Grease on a batch of Monkey Blankets.

That Hash Rassler on the left saying "Pass the 44s" is just a Flunkey Bean Burner.

Even a real Mulligan Mixer will be a Kitchen Mechanic and Chunk Out the Dutch Oven to earn his Guthammer.

Nobody's happier about our free Swedish Fiddle than the Ink Slinger of this Gyppo outfit.

Viva le Roi!

King of the Crosscut Saw.


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Anonymous said...

Well, you finally spoke and it was worth the wait!