Sunday, September 14, 2008

Announcing Fall Trip 2008

The Fall Trip will be Friday, October 10 to Sunday, October 12. That is exactly one lunar cycle away from tonight's full moon, so there should be plenty of light for the cooks around midnight. Too bad the trip wasn't under this full moon, because "Tonight, Uranus shines all night long." Oh the possibilities.

This will be a genuine two-nighter, meaning both nights will be ON THE RIVER. The Friday night bunkhouse tradition has been fun but it's making us soft. The Rebel Rivers Canoe Club is about Rivers and Canoes. If we keep staying at all those fancy barns and B&Bs we'll just be "engineered for patio living..."

Potts lingered, watching me and the boat and glancing up toward my camp. It looked great, what I was doing, he said.

"Well, it is if you like that kind of thing," I said.

"I guess I would," he said. "I never did much of it. It looks like fun."

There was a poignancy about him, spectacled in a green corduroy sport shirt that looked wrong against his pink-gray skin and the hollow way he held his chest. He kept picking, cranelike, first on one leg and then on the other, at needle-grass spears in his thin green socks. He said he got most of his exercise mowing his lawn, and the winter before had built a picket fence around his back yard. . . . That was what he told me, or rather told himself in answer to the discontent that sat plain on him as he looked at me and the boat and the Brazos River.

He said: "There's never enough time."

Sluicing loosened mud from the propped-up canoe, I found myself wanting to tell him that for God's sake there was plenty of time always, and why didn't he come along with me. . . . But the parent Potts seemed engineered for patio living, and probably would feel the cozier there for having seen me lean and filthy on the river.

Goodbye to a River, pp. 257-58.



Another patio


The distances are worked out so it will be a short, 2-mile float (about 45-minutes) on Friday afternoon but it will still require a mid-day departure on Friday the 10th. Plan accordingly.

Our Destination: we will take a second shot at the Sequatchie. A perfect debut for the new Long Ranger canoe trailer. We will ride triumphantly over Monteagle and down into the Sequatchie Valley like Hannibal with a big blue elephant.

See the posts before our aborted trip last Spring here and here for details about the river. But it's really all about The Valley.

Other announcements:

1. There will be no more e-mail communications. This web site is your sole source of information for the trip. Other than the pre-trip meeting.

2. The pre-trip meeting will be at Aladdin's Hookah Bar and Lounge (address and directions) on Wednesday, October 1 at 7:30 pm. The first rule in the Rebel Rivers "Rules of Order" is that anyone who has an agenda item or wishes to be heard has to be at the pipe to speak.

The first agenda item at the meeting will be approving the new "Rules of Order".
The second agenda item will be selecting our trailer balls.
There are no other agenda items.


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