Monday, September 29, 2008

Packing Up

The time has come to graduate from the simple gear assignments of our early trips and put together a formal packing list for the RRCC. We need a master document we can work off of.

Here's the first attempt. Expand it with the button in the upper right corner.

This has less to do with Utensilgate last fall on the Buffalo and more to do with our ongoing effort to stop doubling up gear. If people don't get with it, our next space saving move will be to ditch the coolers and adopt the Feldman Rule (brown liquor only). That's gonna be hard on you in the middle of a hot day on the river.

Also note that stuff like suncreen and bugspray are not on here. All you EPLs with your giant camp chairs who think beargrease and fire smoke aren't good enough can smuggle some in.

Soap is on the list, although we've never seen anybody use it.

And an update on Loading Up....

Get your canoe on. You're already up to the second level.

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Snoring Sardine said...

tent groups could be set at Oct 1 meeting, and a six man tent ought to at least sleep 3, no?