Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We Have an Itinerary

Never could spell that word, but everything has fallen into place and this is what the schedule looks like. It's a good one.

Thursday, May 28

6:30 pm. Mike and Jim's flight arrives in Chicago (even though flying to a canoe trip is borderline EPL).

8:00 pm. Kirly arrives. Mike, Jim and Kirk will get the key from the landlord and check in. They are staying at the Townhouse a night early at a reduced rate.

8:30 pm. Stuart comes over to drink and talk while other people unload.

Friday, May 29

7:30 am. Rob, Greg and Skip depart Nashville with the trailer (Roy is flying now).

2:00 pm. Roy arrives in Chicago. Josh arrives...?

3:00 pm. Ian arrives at Amtrak Union Station. Stuart picks Ian up and heads north to Chicagoland Canoe Base.

4:00 pm. Trailer crew arrives in Chicago and meets the rest of the group at CCB for tour and to meet Ralph Frese.

6:00 pm. Polish beers with Ralph.

8:00 pm. Dinner at .::TWISTED SPOKE::.

Why are we having dinner at a biker bar?

First, there's the Bloody Marys. The garnish alone has about a pound of meat on it.

The burgers:

Then there's the whole "Smut and Eggs" thing - breakfast and 70s porn after midnight ("not of the 'soft core' variety that your girlfriend might find erotic").

And the Twisted Spoke is the only place in the world we know of that serves Jim Beam...on tap.

That's why we're eating at a biker bar.

Saturday, May 30

8:00 am. Head north to the put-in with the trailer. Breakfast on the way.

9:00 am. Run the shuttle and take the 'L' back to the put-in. Editors note: Even though it's short for "Elevated," the Chicago Transit Authority says there's no "e" in 'L' just like George Dickel says there's no "e" in Whisky and that's good enough for the Rebl Rivrs.

9:30 am. On the river (probably wishful thinking).

1:00 pm. Take out.

2:00 pm. Take the 'L' to Wrigley.

3:00 pm. Cubs game.

6:00 pm. Hit a couple of bars in Wrigleyville on our way back.

8:00 pm. Mike has volunteered to run the grill. So Saturday night we'll be dining on one of our many decks at the Townhouse. Picking guitars and leaning over the rail smoking ready-rolls. Watching the river flow.


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