Thursday, May 07, 2009

Travel Plans

Here is the breakdown of transportation to Chicago as we know it:

Planes: Jim, Josh, Mike, Kirly

Trains: Ian

Automobiles: Greg, Rob, Roy, Skip

Plus Stuart makes 10, but it looks like we will only need one vehicle and the trailer for the drive up. Rob, we could take the pickup instead of the Suburban if you want. Stuart, can you pick Ian up at the Amtrak station and come straight up to Chicagoland Canoe Base? We're going to try to be at CCB by 4:00 Friday (7:30 departure plus 8.5 hours). Here's the train table.

Now is the time for everyone to get their $$$ to Josh. The total for hard costs is $300, which covers two nights lodging and your Cubs ticket. Send your check payable to Oshjay Aymay (we're using the secret RRCC code so Josh doesn't get his identity stolen, but his last name is the same as the fifth month of the year) at 4418 Wayland Dr. Ashvillenay, Ennesseetay 37215. Wayland is actually the real name of the street - which should really throw the hackers off.

All other expenses (pretty much just food and drink) will be cash on your own.

Your other tasks between now and the trip are to listen to Billy Joe Shaver, read James Joyce, and find a real life jacket. The club bought a bunch of orange Mae Wests one time just to have them in the boat in case we ran into a TWRA officer, but nobody had any intention of actually wearing one. However, we will all need to have on a vest style life jacket when we're on the Chicago River. Not that it will help when you're underneath a tour boat.


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Johnny Inkslinger said...

so far money is in from Skip.