Friday, November 05, 2010

Food and Drink

In case you thought the cooks would be at a loss just because our river doesn't bear the name of some edible game animal. Announcing the Fall 2010 menu:

Friday dinner:
Brats and Kraut on Ol Smokey

Saturday breakfast:
Provencal breakfast potatoes, sausage and scrambled eggs

Saturday lunch:
TBD (will discuss on conference call)

Saturday dinner:
"Eleven Points of Asia" Pac-Rim-Oriental-Fusion-Stir-Fry
Ga Ngu Vi Huong (spice grilled chicken)
Tom Kha Goong (lemongrass coconut milk soup with shrimp)
Potstickers with dipping sauce
Bhutanese Red Rice

Sunday breakfast
Cofee and Ready-rolls

We also need to talk about how to handle beverages when we're on the call Sunday night. We may let everyone BYOCooler, even though there is some risk to the individual in an all-your-eggs-in-one-basket way.

Canoe trip 2008 Pennsylvania Rednecks

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