Thursday, November 11, 2010

Final Details

Jim, Jim and Vernon are either leaving late tonight or first thing tomorrow. If they leave early in the morning the plan is just to have everybody head up the interstate and we'll reach each other by cell phone and find a place to meet.

Rob is still arriving late tomorrow and we are going to leave a canoe at Turner's Mill for him. Although there is no camping allowed at the put-in itself, our goal is to find a gravel bar as quickly as possible. There is a Float Camp less than a mile downstream ("Stinking Pond") and we have agreed that under no circumstances will we go farther than the Float Camp since Rob will be paddling in the dark and we know we can camp there for sure.

Rob will be equipped with an RRCC-procured mega-spotlight for his midnight ride. One if by land, 5,000,000 candlepower if by sea. He could gig a blind frog with that thing.

We have given up trying to reguluate tents. You can save space by pairing up with someone or just bring your own. Either way, make your own arrangements.

Ever since the Great Utensil Crisis of 2007 we have been gradually acquiring tableware but have never had proper drinking vessels. We've been getting by with aluminum cans and styrofoam cups. Now, as a reward for your participation in both the swamp attempt and the cold weather alternate river, all Fall 2010 attendees will get official RRCC-issued authentic tin cups. Hand-made by a tinsmith in Bell Buckle and ribbed for her pleasure.

So that's it, nothing more to say before we go. Can't wait to pull the trailer across the Ohio and the mighty Mississippi over those huge double bridges in Cairo.



That's where Huckleberry Finn and Jim were trying to get on their raft - because if they made it to Cairo Jim would be a free man. We weren't the first ones to have some good times on the river.

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