Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Under Thirty Days

Time to turn our full attention to the business of the fall trip.

As far as the menu, the central dish is going to be something on a slow rotisserie over the kitchen fire - a method we have surprisingly never tried before.

The original plan was to go whole hog.

But then we realized all we really wanted was to be able sit in our camp chairs and hypnotize ourselves watching it turn all day. That can be done just as easily with a size XL cut of meat without having to ride down the river with a giant pig head. So it is going to be prime rib on Saturday night cooked on the "Grizzly Spit Camp Rotisserie System," shown here complete with hypnosis chair:

The paddle Saturday is not long so we'll be setting up the rotisserie early afternoon and settle in for the rest of the day.

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