Thursday, February 23, 2012

The RRCC Goes to Washington

We're here in our nation's capitol.  Scouting the Potomac.  

Ever since the Chicago River, Ian has been promoting a canoe trip in D.C.  He says he just likes urban padding better, but really we all know he's planning a counter-revolution.


Following the Chicago plan, we'll want to time our trip around a baseball game again, because this time we can paddle right up to the ball park.

Our other mission here is a research project at the Library of Congress.   To search the Folk and Blues Field Recording Archives to find as many verses to THIS as we can: 

Our version will be arranged for guitar, washtub bass, accordion, cow bell, triangle, saw, yodel, foot-stomp, and anything else that makes a ruckus.  Here are the lyrics we've found so far:

I thought I heard the Captain say
Pay me my money down
Tomorrow is a sailing day
Pay me my money down
Pay me, pay me
Pay me my money down
Pay me or go to jail
Pay me my money down

As soon as the boat cleared the bar
Pay me my money down
He knocked me down with a spar
Pay me my money down

If I'd been a rich man's son
Pay me my money down
I'd sit on the river and watch it run
Pay me my money down

I wish I was Mr Gates
They'd haul my money in egg crates

Well 40 nights, nights at sea
The Captain worked every last dollar out of me

If I'd a known the boss was blind
I wouldn't'a gone to work 'til half past nine

Wish I was Sherman Adamson
Get a coke and watch the fun

Wish I was Erv Jellison
Fly away and have some fun

I thought I heard the old man say
Go to shore spend all your pay

I thought I heard the men below
You don't pay me and the ship don't go

I need my pay to go to shore;
I'll drink my whiskey and get a whore

The bumboatman he said to me
Bottles o' rum I don't give free

My fancy gal she said to me
I don't give me favours free

The Madam said to me one day
You've had yer fun so don't delay

The tailorman he said to me
Ye'll pay me 'fore ye leave for sea

The judge he said, 'Look 'ere you mug'
Ye'll pay yer fine or ye'll go to the jug

I wish I was Mr. Howard's son
Sit in the house and drink good rum

I wish I was Mr. Steven's son
Sit on the bank and watch the work done


Sp throw away all your old set lists -  this is the only song we'll ever need.  It's like an All-Day Sucker.  Here are the chords:


[key change]

B-flat, B-flat, B-flat, F
F-F-F, B-flat

[back to G til the cows come home]

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