Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Escape Route for Friday Guys

Some of you have said you're going to be conflicted out of the trip because of a Saturday night event.   So we're offering a Friday-only option that will get you out at a bridge on Saturday morning in time to get back to Nashville and reapply your Vagisil.  

The Totty's Bend bridge is a little over six miles from our put-in at Littlelot.  Although we are getting far enough downstream now that the Duck is faily wide and slow, it still has a surprisingly good number of gravel bars.  Some of them real A+ ones.   So we can camp around where Coleman Branch comes in, which will mean four or five miles of paddling Friday, then two or less to Totty's Bend on Saturday morning for the Friday guys to pull the rip cord and the rest of us will continue on for night two.


The Totty's Bend bridge is not a real access and would require some ballsy trespassing if we were to pull up in the big blue trailer and engage in the full spectacle of an RRCC launch.  For one thing, it's about 40 feet above the water:


But we should easily be able to park a car or two there and get people out if we limit it to our usual whiskey shot ceremony when someone has to leave us early.