Friday, September 20, 2013

This Is the Year We Roast a Whole Pig

You knew that sooner or later we were going to have to do it.   And since Jim has just taken over the position of Chief Pig at the Fatback Pig Project, this is the time.  (see also:

It's also a good trip to do it because, as previously mentioned, the Duck is wide and slow in the lower parts.   That means it will be good jon boatin' conditions, which we will need for two reasons:

To transport the roast beast after he comes off the truck:

And two, we're going to need it to get the cooks from the first night campsite to the second campsite (about Mile 11) early on Saturday so they can set up the pit and and watch it cook all day.  The very definition of hurry up and wait. 

Will be good to have the Green Mule back in action hauling our stuff.   It also opens up the possibility of using it for its original purpose which is getting late-arrivers down the river in the dark on Friday night.  Not encouraging that, just saying it's available if someone (Stuart) would othewise miss the trip.