Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Varmint of the Night

Josh and I have concluded that it had to be the Yellow-Crowned Night-Heron who, in spite of his name, could not outlast Rob for king of the night or even for dinner. 

"A nocturnal heron of the southern swamps and coasts, the Yellow-crowned Night-Heron can also be found breeding along wooded streams northward to Indiana and Illinois."

Click on the link, then on "Sounds/Calls" and see if you agree:

You can also listen to "She's So Cold" from the 1980 album Emotional Rescue here:

According to the range map, the V.O.T.N. was just passing through when he stopped at Pussy Rock, so we were lucky to have him:

Great trip, everybody.  Here's the list I've got for the off-season.  Let me know if you think of more:
Short tripod chain
Dutch oven covers
Collapsible coolers (?)
Tow strap
We're likely headed for the lower Duck River to pick up where we left off in Centerville.    See you then.

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