Tuesday, April 01, 2014

We get to have another gear retirement cermony on this trip.  Tim's wood gunwales that came off his
Wenonah, and the wood deck plates, will need to be burned in the social fire at solemn moment the first night out.   Just like the Jap guitar and other equipment that we have retired that way. 

It was implied, but we probably should have said more clearly, that in addition to taking people out on Saturday if they need to get back, we can also pick up late arrivers who have a conflict on Friday night.   The bridges work out well for that the Red is only a little over an hour away.

In addition to your usual reminders about BYO-plate, cup and silverware, on this trip you should bring a bowl and soup spoon   Those are orders directly from the head bourguignonor.

Also, breaking news.  Vernon decided to be a river man, as we knew he would.   If you are coming into Nashville, bring the trailer by and leave it in the driveway.


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