Friday, September 26, 2014

Alternative Transportation

It looks like there are going to be several options for departure and joining the group this trip. 

True Friday Guys will leave Friday morning, October 4, for a full (by our standards) day of paddling. 

Phil needs to launch around 5 pm on Friday.  That means he's the first Night Rider to claim a spot on the Green Mule so anyone else who wants to arrive that way we are now taking reservations.  Phil probably would not be opposed to people showing up later than 5:00 based on the happy and tipsy condition he was found in at the put-in last time.

Your third choice is to come down Saturday morning.  Rob and Kirly are already doing this and it is a viable option but is not encouraged because, while the bridge we're rendezvousing at is suitable for picking up two- and four-legged passengers, there is no launching canoes there.  That means Friday guys will need to have enough boats or extras places in boats for anyone who joins on Saturday.   Not a huge problem, though, so if it's the difference between coming or not coming, by all means come on Saturday.  We just can't all do it.

So work out your schedule and let us know.

Also, a Thank You note from Vernon:

Just now saw the RRCC blog - thanks for spreading the word to my dire predicament. Please pass my thanks to all of the RRCC for their concern, and especially the Swan Creek Brotherhood(RRCC Special Ops) that was poised for action.

Drove in to Centerville this afternoon, and the river is looking mighty tasty!


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