Sunday, October 12, 2014

RRCC Departmental Reports

First, from the Kitchen (and pay special attention to anything that says "On your own" or "members are responsible for"):


I'm proud to announce that Tim Niarhos has been named Sous Chef for the upcoming Fall 2014 trip. As you know, Tim has worked tirelessly and without complaint for years as the beverage manager and lunch purveyor. This year, Tim has shown extraordinary initiative and is being elevated to this new leadership position, on a trial basis.

After consulting with Tim on this year's menu, we have come up with the following. While we were not able to use any of Tim's ideas this time, he was wildly enthusiastic and supportive throughout the complicated process of menu development. Perhaps this is an area that Tim can work on until next year.

Remember, club members are responsible for all their cups, plates, cutlery, water and adult beverages, though the kitchen will provide some special distilled accompaniments for Friday and Saturday dinners.

Rob, we will need the cook grate and Big Daddy for Friday night, a pot to heat soup, Big Daddy and two Dutch ovens for Saturday night and Big Daddy for Sunday morning. I also need to get the big Grub cooler, the tackle box and any other gear in advance.

Friday Lunch

On your own

Friday Dinner

Imported Sheboygan Bratwurst on Genuine Brat Rolls.
Sauerkraut and German Mustard
Kettle Chips

Saturday Breakfast


Saturday Lunch (Tim)

Hattie B's Cold Hot Chicken with Sides
Tim's Famous Bloody Mary and Screwdriver Bar

Saturday Dinner

Tom Kha Kai
Spicy Caribbean Beans and Rice (Cristianos y Moros)
Vietnamese 5-spice Chicken
Sesame Green Beans
Gulab Jamun

Sunday Breakfast (Phil)

Conecuh Pigs in Blankets

Tim's reply: 

Thank you Jim for allowing me the opportunity to act as sous chef on a trial basis on the fall trip. Although I was disappointed that you were not able to use any of my ideas, it looks like you have put together a sensational menu.

From the Chief Mechanic regarding our alarmingly spacer-less jon boat:

There is another part that they are supposed to mail me, but haven't seen it yet.  I switched a spacer so it should work fine.  I flipped the old spacer around and it seems to be doing the trick.  Will get the new spacer though. 

Kirk also says we need to install it before the trip because it requires strange and foreign wrenches that we don't want to haul down the river.  So may need to meet at Brown's for this.

Our River Guage Engineer says:  

"It rained a lot. River's gonna be good."

Since Tim has been promoted out of the Beverage Manager position, here's a public service message for everyone.   For the first time since the camoflauge can in 2005, Anhueser-Busch has released a special edition Busch, this time called "Hunt for a Trophy", and just in time for the fall trip.   

Even though it has only been released in "Missouri and a few southern states," we here at have already found a local source.  So all you Jessies get out to the Thornton's at 714 Stewart's Ferry Pike and stock up before they're gone. 


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