Tuesday, April 07, 2015

The Buffalo Plan

The votes are in and we (Josh, myself) have unanimously selected Option C - paddle the upstream section - for the Friday activity.   We consulted with Jim and that smoker is built to cook an entire cow or pig and sort of sounded like a big pain in the ass.  Plus Josh has to do an Irish exit on Saturday morning so Friday is his only chance to get on the river.

We didn't realize this earlier, but the best place to start the section upstream is EXACTLY where we took out at the end of the Spring 2010 trip (from David Fox's place).  You may recall the low water bridge there.  The locals were enjoying a Sunday afternoon luncheon/auto repair session.

Of course, it goes without saying we love the fact that Friday and Saturday will be a seamless continuation of the river sections we've previously done.  We may accidentally paddle the whole Buffalo before we finish the Duck.

We're not too concerned about all of this rain because the Buffalo doesn't flood too badly.  At least not like the Duck.  It's a little worrisome that they are calling for a lot of rain on Friday since the ground is already saturated.   But there is no real back up plan like the Piney near the Buffalo, so we'll probably just do it even if the water is high (so long as not flood stage).  The closest smaller stream is Big Swan Creek, so there's that...

In the meantime, Vernon hosted another small rendezvous at Abiff's Pub in Dickson County for the trailer exchange.

Now we just need to figure out the boat/trailer situation.  Here's the first cut:

Josh  - own canoe/on the trailer
Rob H. - Blue Dagger/on the trailer
Skip - Old Town/on the trailer
Vernon - Grumman/on the trailer
Tim - own canoe/on the trailer
Mike Cronin - own canoe/on the trailer
Jim Mullowney - own canoe/will bring
Jim Myers - own canoe/ (?)
Kirly - ride tandem
Pete - ride tandem
Phil - ride tandem

Let me know if this needs changing.  One more on-the-trailer canoe and we'll need to add the 10-place extensions.  Fortunately, Josh had the foresight to leave his canoe in my driveway since the Fall trip thereby skipping the whole wasteful step of delivering it again in the Spring.  

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