Thursday, April 09, 2015

Time to Wok and Roll

The Friday night campground is:

"Buffalo Canoeing and Campground"
702 Gaither Hinson Rd.
Waynesboro, TN  38485
(800) 339-5596

GPS should get you there, but be careful because there are several places on the river with close variations on that name.  So either use the address or here are directions the old fashioned way:

Go to Hohenwald.
Take Hwy 99 south out of town 20 miles.
You're there. 

Friday Rivermen:  right now there are four of us paddling the upper section.  Josh, Phil, Skip and Vernon.  It's an easy six mile float and an easy shuttle, too.   It will be nice to travel light for once with just two empty canoes.   Except for the beer coolers, of course.   And the tripod and mini-keg which we will definitely need.  And lunch.  If we're doing a proper lunch we'll want to take Big Daddy and basic kitchen gear.  And tables and chairs.  Rain gear and the pop-up tent.  Maybe a couple of guitars.  Also life jackets, camera, garbage bags, binoculars, matches, sunscreen, maps,  and ready-rolls.   And we should see if Floyd wants to go.  Otherwise completely empty.

Friday night at the campground will be the only time we will have everyone in the same place at the same time since Josh and Cronin are leaving Saturday morning.  Mullowney is bringing firewood.  Myers is cooking brats.  Should be a good music night, too.   We will now have two shuttles to run (retrieve the upstream car, run the Saturday shuttle).  We'll have lots of drivers available, though, and we can do them both simultaneously.  

Saturday should pretty much run itself.   This is kind of like jinxing a no-hitter by talking about it, but have you seen the new and improved weather forecast?    It gets better by the minute.

Cooks:  for planning purposes, the final numbers are 12 Friday night and 10 on the river Saturday (Saturday lunch and dinner, Sunday breakfast).

We'll see everybody at BC&C tomorrow.   

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