Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Spring Trip: April 22 - 24

Date is set.   

Here's what's been happening in the off season.   

Pete got a 700% ROI on club money betting on the ponies.  Here's the play-by-play:

Feb. 19, 2016 at 3:19 PM.  I don't have a choice in the matter, the RRCC has a fiscal responsibility to forego high risk horse racing propositions with dubious provenance. Before revitalizing myself with the Incan cure in the woman's room at b3 last night, Charlie showed me the text Big Al Stall's paranoid nephew transmitted to him earlier in the day: Big Upset Alert, Forevamo has been doing really great lately.  There are multiple reasons to ignore this degenerate and not put half a c note on his nose in the Risen Star, as well as a $4 backup exacta of any one of the other equine athletes in the race to win the day with said son of Uncle Mo placing a valiant 2nd.  Kindly confirm that this $98 outlay would be better applied by the RRCC on a used caja china or whatnot.

Feb. 20, 2016 at 5:26 PM.  Well, I've been thinking all day about whether or not we should pull the plug on this pig, but with 9 minutes before post Forevamo, the 5 horse in race 11 at the Fairgrounds, is 51-1, those are RRCC kind've numbers, so we must proceed. Due to scratches it works out to an even $100 total wager:
$50 to win on Forevamo
$5 exacta All/Forevamo

Good luck.

Feb. 20, 2016 at 5:50 PM.  Holy shit, our horse came in 2nd, we netted $738!

Phil was on the West Harpeth this weekend.  

So he's brushing on up his paddling skills...

Bob's been in the studio: 


Treasurer's report:   

Well, the infusion from FOREVAMO means we have as of this moment $2,830.00 in cash on hand, of which $350 is prepaid dues for the spring trip (i.e. a bit less money will come in relative to expenses for the trip forward than is normal, but we'll still probably have more after the trip than what is shown above). 

Investment opportunities abound:

____ Several more Dutch Ovens

____ A seaworthy jon boat

____ Veal calf to slaughter on the gravel bar, braise lightly, serve with vintage port

____ Drone for river scouting

____ More horse-race bets

Destination is not set, but sure would like to get back to the Duck. You may recall that we redirected at the last minute last fall and went to the Buffalo because of the water levels.   That means we have not been on the Duck since 2013 and we've been on four trips since then (Red, Piney and Buffalo twice).  We better get back to it if we're going to float the whole length in our lifetimes.

Of course, we do have a trip all planned in our back pocket since we changed plans last fall.  Scroll back to see.  But the gravel bars require very low water which is why we were doing it in the fall.  Probably cannot count on it for a spring trip.  There's plenty left upstream, we'll look into those.  Stay tuned.   We'll, also post pics from the fall trip to get you in the mood if you're not already.

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